Lilla Vän … a new collection by 508

OH. Hello. Are you excited today? Well, you better get there, because we just added a little something to our 508 family. I want you all to meet our little friends… Let’s just be clear. I am totally trying to play it cool right now…but IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I just LOVE our new little collection of painted wood animal silhouettes that we like to call Lilla Vän {pronounced “leela-ven”}. It means “little friend” in Swedish. I can not even Read More

DIY: barn wood headboard {part two: sealing}

{See PART ONE of our DIY headboard here} PART TWO: Finishing/Sealing Ok, so here was the BIG dilemma: We really REALLY loved the gray weathered look of the barn wood. Problem is, as soon as you start any significant sanding, you loose the gray. Also, it seemed like every finish we tried darkened the gray. We love the variations in the original of dark and light gray and wanted to keep that as much as possible. So after much hemming Read More

DIY: Barn Wood Headboard {Part one – the construction}

Whoa my goodness. We finally have a headboard! AND, lucky for you, we actually took pics of our process this time! Wooooo hoooo. So, here it goes…. We used oak barn wood that we scored from Nathan’s brother a while back. Same stuff used to make our small barn wood kitchen table. We have a queen size metal bed frame- no head or foot board. Soooooo, with no real plan, we just set out to put our headboard together…. First, Read More

a heart of a warrior…

This is the latest addition to our lovely home… SO, remember when I said how much I like THIS piece from etsy? Well, I decided to do my version of it on some old barn wood that I stole from my brother-in-law. I knew I needed Nathan’s help on this one, so I asked him if he wanted to do a “together” project. I braced myself for the oh-man-not-another-together-project-look….but instead he was like “oh cool”. THEN, before mothers day he Read More