Lilla Vän … a new collection by 508

OH. Hello. Are you excited today? Well, you better get there, because we just added a little something to our 508 family. I want you all to meet our little friends…
Lilla Vän Collection

Let’s just be clear. I am totally trying to play it cool right now…but IT IS NOT HAPPENING. I just LOVE our new little collection of painted wood animal silhouettes that we like to call Lilla Vän {pronounced “leela-ven”}. It means “little friend” in Swedish.

I can not even tell you how fun it is to play with color & pattern on smaller-than-furniture scale pieces! Lilla Vän has a little 508 style mixed with a little of the Swede in me…I just can’t help it. We are introducing 4 animals…in a variety of sizes and color…
Lilla Vän: RAM
Lilla Vän: WHALE
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

The idea started to form about 6 months ago…in my WAY too tired and overloaded brain…in other words, the idea was not solid (to say the least). But, on the principle of “waste not, want not”, I was trying to come up with an idea for us to use all our scrap pieces of beautiful barn wood & other misc wood from our furniture making. Lucky for me, I also have a husband with drawing AND wood working skills. SWEEEET.
Lilla Vän: MINI DALA

We tried MANY animals. We made many mistakes. Brutal honesty? Many of our failed attempts where burned in our wood stove over the winter. I don’t really hang on to stuff. We either love it or we burn it {apparently}.
Lilla Vän: RABBIT

I have several on my walls now and when you throw one of these in with your typically boring collage of photos, it TOTALLY makes it fun and unique and filled with awesomeness. Personal opinion, I know.
Lilla Vän: LARGE RAM

One day, we decided to add a SUPER WHALE. He is huge- too big for our barn wood. Made from a piece of wood from the Torrence saw mill. He is super amazing.

Everything you see is available in our shop today. For you. None of them are perfect and none are the same.
So, go check em out and let us know what you think. We really do LOVE feedback. Favorite animal of the four? Favorite size? Want to see more of something?

OH and one more thing. I didn’t take a single one of the photos. No not one. Thank you to my favorite…Kelly at Kellan Studios. She loves me AND she is mad skilled AND she took all these photos. xo

over and out.