a waste of perfectly nice easter eggs…

I tried deviled eggs yesterday because I love them. The smooth and creamy ones please. No relish. I am looking at 2 recipes and the creative me is going to combine them to make the perfect deviled egg. One dozen eggs later, I realize that one recipe was for only 6 eggs. THE ENTIRE BATCH WAS RUINED. Not even my dog would eat them- seriously.

But I have some pretty pictures of eggs….so there is that at least….

hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs open

and for the finale?


DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD RECIPE FOR ME? I may be the only person in the world who cares about this.

Here is to a better easter egg endeavor…cheers!


  • Nathan

    I feel like this is the opposite of restoration Sarah

  • Hey! My recipe for deviled eggs are as follows (It’s my mom’s with a little extra I added so I dont have exact measurements)

    Mix in the yolks:
    Mayo (hellmans kind, not miracle whip kind)
    Green olives chopped finely (This is optional- it gives a nice tang- I’ve also used chopped capers when I don’t have olives. But you dont need them I just like olives!)
    A dash of mustard
    Paprika (to taste)
    Salt (to taste)
    Pepper (to taste)

    Sometimes I get bored and add a dash of these items:
    cajun seasoning
    onion powder
    garlic powder
    smoked paprika (instead of paprika- gives it a smokey flavor)
    old bay seasoning
    lawry’s seasoning salt

    I experiment a lot with various flavorings! HTH


  • Karen Worlock

    Do not see a date, so not sure when this was posted. I am always the deviled egg maker in my family for get togethers. Guess you could call me the deviled egg queen. It is really easy …sorry I never measure. After you slice open the eggs, place all the yolks together. I then mash them in my small electric chopper…to get them fine so there are not any lumps. Then start adding ingredients and tasting until they are perfect. The amounts are always going to differ according to how many you make anyway. First…I always use Kraft Salad Dressing(such a good flavor) then add salt, pepper, (white sugar) not a lot – use a little first…then go by taste, and last some plain old yellow mustard. Mix together until well combined without any lumps. Then either by the teaspoonful, or get fancy and use a pastry bag(for fancy) eggs. Top off with a sprinkle of Paprika. If you do not like olives, or horseradish eggs you will love these. Just keep tasting until you like the flavor. Good luck.

    • Karen Worlock

      Correction to my recipe – use  only Kraft Miracle Whip. It is the BEST

    • Anonymous

       So awesome- thank you Karen! This was last year I think, but I still LOVE deviled eggs and you replied just in time for me to try again for our family Easter THIS year! Love it and thanks for taking the time to teach me.