our dining room chairs {a happy place to put our bums}

our dining room chairs {a happy place to put our bums}

I used to have a glass dining room table with chairs that matched and before Ella was born, I sold them because I can’t stand glass. Fast forward 18 months or so. I now have a simple dark dining room table from ikea and I had the brilliant idea to collect misc chairs from yard sales/estate sales/goodwill and re-paint and re-cover them all for my dining room. SUPER. This was an excellent SUMMER project, but it was the dead of winter and I ended up having 5 perfectly unlovely chairs for many months before I could go outside to spray paint them.

Whatever. The point is, SPRING is here and the chairs are DONE DONE DONE. The family is sooooo delighted to have happy little seats for our bums during meal time.


dining room chairs- before


dining room chairs- after

I used a colonial white paint. The fabric was PERFECT and FREE because it came from my mother-in-law. Apparently this used to be old flour sacks that HER mother kept because she like the fabric. It was never used until now- and I LOVE IT!

dining chair - close up after

dining chair - close up



  • Maria

    Again, you never cease to amaze! The chairs look awesome :)

  • Barbara Cash

    Very nice job..They are beautiful!!!

  • IN LOVE with what you have done!!!! Dag gum girl…..pregnancy is making you brilliant. Okay, we need to dish on my dining room, I am ready for a re-do and I need your eye and talents. Dramatic redo!

  • Melanie

    Those are awesome chairs

  • Those are fantastic! They turned out great! I love that they are all different styles but with the same color and fabric. They just look great! I want them. Can I have them? Please? Now I want to paint my table and chairs. Love them.