ella wednesday: boots & hats…

Ella has new boots. The boots are the #1 source of entertainment for the last few days. From the moment we wake up:

ella's rain boots

And yes, I did her hair like that. Sometimes it is more about function that fashion- right ella?

ella kissing daddy

Her reaction to me taking pictures is either to say “CHEESE!” with a very scary smile or to do random things like lay on the floor and stare at me:

ella in boots

We have been stuck inside for a few days- both because of the weather and pregnancy/laziness. Which means we do things like put on boots, hats and jackets even when we aren’t going anywhere. This is how we role.

ella's twiggie hat

This is my most favorite hat of Ella’s- a gift from my very talented friend Candace.

ella's twiggie hat

That is all for now….BYE BYE !!!

ella's twiggie hat