No. 7 {the show-off}

No. 7 {the show-off}

Well, No. 7 is finished and she is definitely a one-of-a-kind….

"7" final

She was taken from a sad beat up little dresser with 80’s golden knobs…"7" before

….to this grey beauty with so many lovely details….

"7" after

"7" after

"7" seal gray dresser after

Seven already has an admirer….

"7" after with ella bean

{“seven” seal gray dresser available 150.00}- shipping available upon request

Please stay tuned as our Etsy shop “508 Restoration & Design” will be up soon!!!! Yay!!!




  • joym

    OH MY GOSH! that looks amazing! great work Sarah! how do you think this stuff up??

  • Ryan (Burleigh) Ellithorpe

    Hey Sarah,

    I don’t even remember how I stumbled across your blog, but it surprised me b/c I immediately recognized Nathan and realized I knew exactly who you were (I was in school with Josh). I adore your work and I LOVE “seven”. If someone else hasn’t snatched it up, I’m interested in buying it. Let me know if it’s still available! I’m not local anymore, but my parents are and could easily pick it up.


    *Congrats on the newest addition! What a cutie :).

    • Hey Ryan- of course I remember you!! So glad to hear from you! I have been a little absent the past 2 weeks since having Lincoln. But I am catching up now and yes, “seven” is still available. Email me at and we can chat about getting the piece to your parents for you! Hope you are doing well.

  • Sue

    This is awesome. I love everything about it. I just used a similar stencil on a toy box. Love what you did with this!!

  • I love this piece! Absolutely beautiful!

  • WHERE did you get those knobs? Love ’em!

    • Beth- anthropology a while ago- love them too! Thanks Chrissie….and Sue- looked at your toy box- it looks great! I think its the same stencil too!

  • Antoniette Galante

    gorgeous! where did you get this stencil? And how did you distress it ??

    • fiveoeight

      Thank you! It was a while back, but I am pretty sure the stencil was from a local craft store like Michael’s. The distressing on this one was just using sandpaper after the paint was dry and before the top coat.

  • Mandy

    All of you furniture is beautiful, and I especially like this one. I want to replicate this almost exactly with a chest of drawers that looks about the same as this one, except it is finished wood to start (not white). Do I need to sand and/or prime it first? I can see it’s white underneath where you’ve distressed it–I assume that’s the orignial white, but mine won’t have that white under there unless I make it so… What brand, color, and finish is the paint you used? I love the blue/grey color. I have the hardest time picking the right paint color the first time. (Painting projects I’ve done include a minimum of 3 colors!) This is a daunting task as I’ve never done anything like this before. I want to get it right for my confidence in future DIY projects. I really appreciate you’re input!

  • Delilah

    What paint was used for the gray?

    • fiveoeight

      Hi Delilah,

      The gray is Glidden: Seal Grey