No. 28 {pinky twin}

No. 28 {pinky twin}

508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed

We want to start your week off with a sweet pinky twin bed…No. 28…
no. 28 painted pink twin bed- before

no. 28 painted pink twin bed,

No. 28 belongs to the beautiful, 6-year old Brianna! Freshened up in pale pink to match the lovely No. 26 twins….
no. 26 twin end tables

no. 28 painted pink twin bed,

Wish I had photo of the entire room put together to show you, but all these pretty pieces are in Ohio now.
508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed

I have to tell you, though….my 3 YEAR OLD has already put in her request for a pink bed. Pretty normal for a girl, right?
WRONG. She has sifted through my paint swatches herself and selected a shade of pink on her own. Then proceeded to select a green for her armoire. The scary part? They are both great colors and would actually look really good with her room. HOLY COW. WHAT. HAVE. I. CREATED?
508 No. 28 painted pink twin bed


  • Afton

    Love that Ella wants to be just like Mommy.

  • i love this!!!  i have a jenny lind bed i am going to be painting at some point and i love this sweet pink!

  • H_backenkeller

    ahhh This is so adorable! you are so talented! 
    Whats the name of that sweet pink?? 

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!! As for the color, any of our personal projects and home stuff we are happy to share but we keep a handful of our fav colors as our 508 “secret sauce”. This one in particular barely looked pink until it was applied to the piece…so go lighter than you think! I always experiment small- paint a frame or a candlestick to see how it looks on wood. Then go for it!

  • Kim

    So glad to find you by way of Shaunna. Love the furniture you have painted. I paint furniture, too. Problem is I paint over pieces in my house because I don’t have a place to sell any yet. Didn’t even know I loved to do this until blogging.

  •  Oh, my goodness. This is simply gorgeous! So glad to have found you via Shaunna.

  • Becks Bee

    LOVE this!! Do you use a gloss in your paints? or keep it flat? 

    • fiveoeight

       Thanks! I use Satin most of the time and use a matte or satin clear coat (either wax or polycrylic)