sad news…

I have been a little absent from the blogging world this week because some major events have taken place in our family. Well, one major event. Nathan was laid off from his job at noon this past Wednesday. There was no warning whatsoever. The reasons were purely financial- nothing to do with his performance as a designer. He and a project manager were both laid off due to two major clients drying up.

I must say, it is VERY surreal to have him home in a mad search for another job. BUT, we feel like the Lord has totally prepared us for this in so many ways. There has been no major FREAK OUT sessions YET, just a supernatural trust in the Lord to provide an even better job for him. He has already received a bunch of leads from fellow designers, he has applied to several positions and he has an interview already set up for next week.

I say all of this in hopes of your support and prayers AND (for our local friends) to keep an ear open for any job opportunities. THANK YOU SO MUCH to our friends who have already acted swiftly in finding leads and supporting us!!