sunshine barlowe lewis

Sunshine is a friend of mine.

Also, she happens to be good at a lot of things. To name a few….she has an AMAZING singing voice…she is beautiful…has fantastic style…blah blah blah…she is great.


She paints.

Its mixed media….its beautiful….and most important…its original. These are a few….

…but by all means check out her shop HERE. Because there are TONS more.

Wanna know something even MORE awesome? I have one.

It is called “I found my way back to you”. And it is my MOST favorite.

You wish you had this one, don’t you? Well you can’t. There is only one. And its mine.

Do you see the little compass? Love.

Keep up with this beautiful lady’s blog HERE…and then maybe YOU can have one too.



{photos courtesy of Kellan Studios & Sunshine Lewis}