DIY: applying fabric to furniture

As promised, I wanted to show you a little more about No. 20…here are some tips on applying the fabric. BE WARNED. I decided to do this one NIGHT in my HOUSE instead of the workshop because it was RAINING outside. This makes for kind of crappy photos. Oh well. After the piece was painted, distressed and cleaned thoroughly, I applied a furniture wax with color/stain in it (on all areas except the panels where the fabric goes). Usually the Read More

No. 20 Emerald Green China Cabinet

No. 20 {emerald green & loving it}

Hellooooo! Remember back 64 years ago when I showed you my design board for No. 20? Then to tease you even more, I gave you a sneak peek of No. 20? Did that post make you think that I was going to show you the whole thing SOON? Well, I didn’t…sorry about that. I could tell you about all the reasons why it was soooo drawn out, but….YAWN. This guy just needed a lot of love and in a time Read More

No. 8 White China Cabinet

No. 8 {the prettiest one}

I want you to meet  No. 8 … she needed some love… but there was something about the shape that I just love… we found a key at the estate specialist that actually works… we chose a “bone” color that is just perfect with it’s shape and kept the original hardware… ….it will be VERY hard to see this one go… OH!  While I was taking pictures, Nathan found this beautiful butterfly in our front yard- so sad…but really pretty… Read More