scrapwood wall …paper

Happpened upon PIET HEIN EEK (via d*s) the other day….

He has created some beautiful SCRAPWOOD WALLPAPER…isn’t this stuff GREAT?!

I wouldn’t mind having an accent wall out of this stuff to photograph our furniture pieces for 508.

I have to admit…the “TORRENCE” in me first thought…”I can totally make a REAL scrapwood wall”…

But after a hot second, I was like “OH WAIT…I have 36 thousand other projects on my plate already…so maybe wallpaper is nice”

But its kinda pricey…so once again it comes down to TIME or MONEY.

I have neither.

One day people…one day I am going to have a super fantastic wall to photograph our stuff and it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

But until then, you can send a roll of this wallpaper my way at any point.



(all photos courtesy of Piet Hein Eek)