this is naturally how we look when we roll out of bed.

Kellan Photoshoot

My dear friends at Kellan did a FANTASTICALLY FUN shoot of Nathan and I a few weeks back…showcasing our furniture and some fun shots of just us. They just posted the entire shoot on HERE…so check it out!!

And let me tell you. After an entire morning of snot, poop, puke, crying and time-outs (which don’t work btw)….it is REALLY REALLY REALLY nice to remember that if we shower and put clean clothes on, WE CAN BE PRESENTABLE PEOPLE/NORMAL TOO. (ok…i went too far with “normal”)….

Kellan Photoshoot for 508

Pretty BA with the guns and props….but WE ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THIS….so….

Kellan Photoshoot


Here is the smile-y us…

Kellan Photoshoot for 508

SOOOOOO much fun….SOOOO blessed to have such wonderful supportive friends…..

Kellan Photoshoot

Kellan Photoshoot

You should seriously check out the entire post HERE because Kelly tells our story better than I ever could.

XOXO kelly & ryan!


  • Awwww schucks. You guys brought the mojo, we just put some sauce on it. I absolutely love your session, you guys did amazing and you do incredible work!

  • I have some serious 508 reading to do tonight.. LOVE this shoot. I’ve said it 1,000 times. You guys look amazing. . love the details. .

  • Amber

    I randomly came across your website awhile ago and I have been checking in since then. Your stuff is beautiful! It is very unique and I love it!
    These pictures were adorable and fun to look at and I loved your outfit! Can I ask where you found that adorable sweater dress in your first picture?
    Keep up the great work! It’s always fun to check out your website and see what is new! :)

    • Hello Amber! Thanks so much- you are very sweet. The dress was from Forever 21- I found it like the day before that shoot. So glad you visited- keep checkin in!

  • Amy

    hey, kelly and ryan… i’ve been perusing your posts and laughing all the way… uh, with you not at you.  i promise.

    love your story and your pieces but i had to comment when i spotted the bucket of knobs and spied the few from my own anthropologie-filled bucket!  who can resist, huh?  i think i’ve done 3 posts this week on anthro knobs!!

    i’ll be a-followin’ you now….