stomach flu binge then Christmas binge

Thanksgiving was fantastic, lots of family and fun.

HOWEVER, I did get the stomach flue not ONCE but TWICE in the past week. Torture. On the up side…I don’t think I gained weight over this holiday. BLAH.

BUT, we are currently happy and  healthy and moving on to greener pastures…LIKE CHRISTMAS!


Thought I would share some MERRY things I am working on this week for our home…

#1  I am not a crafty person really….but around Christmas, I tend to do a craft or two because it entertains my 2 year old for at least a hot second AND its pretty cheap. So, I was reading BHG and saw this wreath….NO, I am not going to make the wreath, but I am going to do the yarn balls with Ella and hang them all over my home. We will see…

BHG yarn ball wreath

#2 Also, I am using craft paper & oranges in my Christmas decor this year…again because they are cheap. See? Crafty.

christmas table decor

#3 I bought these dish rags for 49 cents each at IKEA. I think I might combine a few and make a Christmas pillow? It’s kind of Swedish looking. And I am Swedish. So that is good.

ikea christmas pillow

Ok, that is all I got. I am all out of ideas.

That is not true. I also want to do a red and white striped end table for 508 next. Too much?



**NOTE: Immediately after writing this post, my husband informed me he did not like the oranges and the red….so I took it all down. What a great wife I am. Actually, we just ate all the oranges…

  • Sunshine Barlowe Lewis

    you’ve been busy my friend..