scrap wood stool {the industructable kind}

We have an active son. I guess that is what you call one who likes to pick large objects up and slam them down- sumo style? Not out of anger…just because it is fun…and loud…and he is a BOY. Our previous stool was handed down from Nathan’s grandaddy…and we really liked it…but it was not built with Lincoln Torrence in mind. Just last week it was slammed down for the last time and it fell to pieces. Sad. We use Read More

No. 28 {pinky twin}

HELLO & HAPPY MONDAY We want to start your week off with a sweet pinky twin bed…No. 28… No. 28 belongs to the beautiful, 6-year old Brianna! Freshened up in pale pink to match the lovely No. 26 twins…. …HOW CUTE IS BRIANNA’S ROOM GOING TO BE?!!… Wish I had photo of the entire room put together to show you, but all these pretty pieces are in Ohio now. I have to tell you, though….my 3 YEAR OLD has already Read More

No. 29 {a wedding gift & a valentine’s day}

Happy Valentines Day! For all of those stopping by 508 this week, we do want to say WE LOVE YOU and thank you for your support and encouragement! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand….as luck would have it…the beautiful No. 29 happens to be COMPLETE… …just in time for a holiday about love…. …which is ironic…because No. 29 now belongs to 2 people I love very much… …a wedding gift to my much too far away brother and his wonderful wife!! After all, it is Read More

No. 27 {an itty bitty ditty}

Happy Monday! Good weekend? We did…full of furniture, friends and glasses repair (that would be the 2nd pair of broken glasses for our 18 month old in 3 weeks). Lucky for you, we get to start your week by introducing our itty bitty ditty No. 27…the cutest side table ever made! We are diggin the size and FUNK he has going on… We had a tiny collection of great paper…just enough for this job…then combined it with some lovely blue Read More

bemz slipcovers spring collection brera

Good Product: New Linen Spring Collection by Bemz

As a lover of my IKEA couches, I recently found (and became a huge fan) of Bemz. You heard of them? They offer a HUGE variety of designer covers (cotton, linen, loose fit, ect) for IKEA furniture that embraces the Swedish look/lifestyle…and let me tell you…I was super stoked. Must be the Swede in me…. Oh, and I am not getting paid to say these nice things…I just really like the stuff- ha! These images are all Bemz images- from Read More

the No. 26 pair {a real rescue story}

pleased to introduce you to the No. 26 pair… No. 26’s came from humble beginnings. We did not find them as end tables. What we actually found was a very very sad, old dressing table. And I mean it…SAD. The veneer was a mess, the mirror was damaged and missing pieces…, who uses a dressing table anymore? So it was between tossing it to the curb or doing some major reinventing. So, here is what we did {in photos}…. They Read More

a good find + quick before and after

Did everyone have a thankful Thanksgiving? Was it immediately followed by feeling behind for Christmas? I feel like my turkey hasn’t even digested and I am seeing everyone with Christmas lights on their porches. Anywho… is a fun thing I did that made me feel like I accomplished something… NO IDEA WHY this wasn’t snatched up already…..but I scored this lamp base for a mere $5 at an estate store the other day… was chippy and had a weird finish Read More

fabric pendant and whats up next

Made this fabric pendant for our living room {inspired by THIS ONE seen on pinterest}….I did mine a little different since I didn’t have doilies. Took a bit of learning and tweeking, but over all very easy! I can do a quick DIY on how I did it if anyone is interested…. AND, we just stained these drawers for the No. 26 set! Made from an old dressing table, these end tables/night stands have got a DOOSIE of a before Read More

a wooden crate with a new bottom

This old crate was a great find by Nathan’s brother…well, it was really just the sides of an old crate. BUT, it was free. We attached those two pieces of wood you see laying in the background. This worked very nicely for many months and ended up a a prop for a several photo shoots….. But, I recently painted the back with leftover red paint- didn’t sand it or nothin. I did clean the crate…but that was about it. Now Read More

Hanging a Fabric embroidery Hoop arrangement

Back 11 months ago {yes, that would be last Christmas}, Nathan bought me these fabric hoops. Being ever so thoughtful, he remembered me saying I wanted to display some of my scrap fabrics this way. Well, I have a lot of ideas, ok? And I don’t always do them…right away. But now this is done and it is very pretty in my dining room and I did it like this: There are a bunch of gallery-collection-hanging-tips online, so I am Read More