animal silhouettes {free font!}

Does anyone else find it strange how LONG weird animal decor has been popular now? You know faux taxidermy stuff and what-not. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to some of these DIY ideas, I am totally down with some animal silhouette-age…. {via} {via} {via} I have to admit, as of now, I don’t have really ANY animal decor in my home….BUT when you can get THIS SWEET FONT FOR FREE – WHY NOT try it- right? I don’t Read More

Barnwood Headboard finished

DIY: barn wood headboard {part three: installed}

{See PART ONE of our DIY headboard here} {See PART TWO of our DIY headboard here} PART THREE: installed in our room! Are we all as excited as I am? We FINALLY have a headboard! We love how it turned out in the end and feel like it has brought something personal to a much neglected bedroom. You might notice that we have no end tables- or anything, really. I have never really hung a picture or put any effort Read More

DIY: barn wood headboard {part two: sealing}

{See PART ONE of our DIY headboard here} PART TWO: Finishing/Sealing Ok, so here was the BIG dilemma: We really REALLY loved the gray weathered look of the barn wood. Problem is, as soon as you start any significant sanding, you loose the gray. Also, it seemed like every finish we tried darkened the gray. We love the variations in the original of dark and light gray and wanted to keep that as much as possible. So after much hemming Read More

beautiful {vintage flower paintings} & family paintings

Came across this image and the beauty of this space just struck me… {via decor8} I just love that collection of vintage flower paintings. They reminded me of this one you have seen pose with No. 20… Isn’t it beautiful? That was done by my Grandma Nelson who lives in CT and it was just handed down to me a few weeks ago. I can not tell you how much it means for me to have this in my home! Read More

DIY: Barn Wood Headboard {Part one – the construction}

Whoa my goodness. We finally have a headboard! AND, lucky for you, we actually took pics of our process this time! Wooooo hoooo. So, here it goes…. We used oak barn wood that we scored from Nathan’s brother a while back. Same stuff used to make our small barn wood kitchen table. We have a queen size metal bed frame- no head or foot board. Soooooo, with no real plan, we just set out to put our headboard together…. First, Read More

DIY: applying fabric to furniture

As promised, I wanted to show you a little more about No. 20…here are some tips on applying the fabric. BE WARNED. I decided to do this one NIGHT in my HOUSE instead of the workshop because it was RAINING outside. This makes for kind of crappy photos. Oh well. After the piece was painted, distressed and cleaned thoroughly, I applied a furniture wax with color/stain in it (on all areas except the panels where the fabric goes). Usually the Read More

No. 20 Emerald Green China Cabinet

No. 20 {emerald green & loving it}

Hellooooo! Remember back 64 years ago when I showed you my design board for No. 20? Then to tease you even more, I gave you a sneak peek of No. 20? Did that post make you think that I was going to show you the whole thing SOON? Well, I didn’t…sorry about that. I could tell you about all the reasons why it was soooo drawn out, but….YAWN. This guy just needed a lot of love and in a time Read More

fiveoeight and a 1/2

We don’t JUST do furniture. That quote, “more ideas than time” describes me in a nutshell. I am A.D.D. and creative and have 2 small kids….not a terrific combo. Soooo one lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to build what we call “508 1/2″….and obviously it became a not-so-lazy sunday. It’s just that we felt like our kids were left out when we built this: Cause OBVIOUSLY this was not big enough for our kids to play in {sarcasm}. Soooo…..we built Read More

The Stylist’s Guide to NYC

My husband is numero uno. He bought me this book. Been wanting it since May. It’s not like I go often, but I have always wished for a non-lame guide book to all the sweet spots in the city for a person like me. From a graphic design perspective, the design of this book is out of control awesome too. All images from The Stylist’s Guide to NYC by Sibella Court. Published by Murdoch Books Australia -s

No. 24 {a custom beauty}

RED. Yes people, we painted a piece RED. First red piece EVER. And I have to admit, it was the perfect one to do it on. My friend of a friend, “J”,  brought me this piece from DC and the poor bench was half-way covered in mint green paint. VERY poor and incomplete paint job. It was sad. Does this picture make it look good? Well, it wasn’t good. Just take my word… here is sweet 24 before: Moving on….”J” Read More