No. 29 {a wedding gift & a valentine’s day}

Happy Valentines Day! For all of those stopping by 508 this week, we do want to say WE LOVE YOU and thank you for your support and encouragement! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand….as luck would have it…the beautiful No. 29 happens to be COMPLETE… …just in time for a holiday about love…. …which is ironic…because No. 29 now belongs to 2 people I love very much… …a wedding gift to my much too far away brother and his wonderful wife!! After all, it is Read More

No. 27 {an itty bitty ditty}

Happy Monday! Good weekend? We did…full of furniture, friends and glasses repair (that would be the 2nd pair of broken glasses for our 18 month old in 3 weeks). Lucky for you, we get to start your week by introducing our itty bitty ditty No. 27…the cutest side table ever made! We are diggin the size and FUNK he has going on… We had a tiny collection of great paper…just enough for this job…then combined it with some lovely blue Read More

the No. 26 pair {a real rescue story}

pleased to introduce you to the No. 26 pair… No. 26’s came from humble beginnings. We did not find them as end tables. What we actually found was a very very sad, old dressing table. And I mean it…SAD. The veneer was a mess, the mirror was damaged and missing pieces…, who uses a dressing table anymore? So it was between tossing it to the curb or doing some major reinventing. So, here is what we did {in photos}…. They Read More

No. 20 Emerald Green China Cabinet

No. 20 {emerald green & loving it}

Hellooooo! Remember back 64 years ago when I showed you my design board for No. 20? Then to tease you even more, I gave you a sneak peek of No. 20? Did that post make you think that I was going to show you the whole thing SOON? Well, I didn’t…sorry about that. I could tell you about all the reasons why it was soooo drawn out, but….YAWN. This guy just needed a lot of love and in a time Read More

No. 24 {a custom beauty}

RED. Yes people, we painted a piece RED. First red piece EVER. And I have to admit, it was the perfect one to do it on. My friend of a friend, “J”,  brought me this piece from DC and the poor bench was half-way covered in mint green paint. VERY poor and incomplete paint job. It was sad. Does this picture make it look good? Well, it wasn’t good. Just take my word… here is sweet 24 before: Moving on….”J” Read More

No. 22 & No. 23 {vintage locker room chairs}

I have a problem. I can’t stop accumulating chairs. I really love them. It is my chance to try a color I may be a weee bit nervous to try on a bigger piece. So our kitchen chairs were UGLY. They stood out next to our barn wood table and not in a good way. Both free or under $5….and you can definitely tell… So one day I took a sample I had of a suuuuuuper dark navy blue (we Read More

the No. 21 twins {bold & beautiful}

Three months. That is a long break. But let me tell you, it was needed. For all who are wondering, 508 is still here and still making fabulous furniture! We took some time to recoup/regroup and make some decisions as a family as to how to move forward! This is going to be a kind of long post because I have tons of (what I think are cool) photos to show you PLUS, at the end of this post, I Read More

No. 15 Blue Dresser

No. 15 {blue & ivory}

Some pretty good wear and tear and knobs that were too small…but over all good bones. Now, she is perfect and blue and scratched and stained and dented and beautiful. I mean, I warned you about this blue and all of it’s glory. Totally appropriate that No. 15 was {re}born in April. I found some extra large wooden knobs at our REstore and painted them to fit the piece. Never done that before. A whole new world… Yup. My toes. Read More

No. 19 Gray Night Stand

No. 19 {perfect size & shape}

I have a handsome No. 19 in our shop today… Here he is BEFORE his treatment:  (Solid? Yes. But a looker, he was NOT.) Never fear. He came out on the other side JUST fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine… I experimented a bit with the drawers thinking I would stain them and keep them like this… In the end, the look was too busy for such a simple dresser. SOOOoo…I covered the whole piece. And it is fantastic. I just think No. 19 should Read More

No. 17 White dresser

No. 17 {bright & shiny}

Isn’t she FUN?! 17 was totally different than the norm for us, but ended up being a very FUN little redo we did for a boy and girl (shared) room. Here she was before in the room…. And again AFTER: BY THE WAY, how cute is this room?! It is a dear friend (Kellan Studios)….and the girl has mad design skilz (yeah, with a Z). We went from pulls to knobs…..and holy MOLEY was that a lot of drawers and Read More

No 18 end table after

No. 18 {imperfect}

BEFORE {YIKES} AFTER Ok, there is kind of a story behind this ol thing. Numbero uno…it was in very bad shape when we got it. We found it in that same abandoned home on my brother-in-law’s property that we found the vintage wallpaper. It had been thrown out of the window by people who ripped up the old wood floors.  The piece was a wreck. All that said, this was kind of an experimental piece for me. Here was the Read More