Look at this: grandma’s quilt

We just recently inherited this quilt made by Nathan’s grandma. It was left in her home after she passed, along with a bunch of others that she made. I feel so blessed to have known her and to have a little something made by her means the world to me. You had a sneak peek last week as it posed next to No. 19… You can see it has been used and worn, but for us, its perfect. I am Read More

old school

We found this on the side of the road. You can kind of see why it was tossed to the curb. The little guy needs some serious help. The wood is actually pretty solid, so I think it could be great… {via Norskeinterior} Not sure If I will paint it WHITE or go with COLOR or even REFINISH the wood. Thoughts? -s

Ralph in my kitchen

I found this Raulph Lauren tablecloth at TJ Maxx for $5 yesterday. FIVE DOLLARS. I don’t know why, but it is definitely my favorite find in my home right now. Knowing me, it will probably end up at Home Depot to be color-matched for some piece of furniture in the near future. It is laying nicely on my eat-in kitchen table next to my freshly painted walls. (sometime in the near future, I will do some before and afters of Read More

keeping it wheel

Yeah. This is my new fav shirt. No one is allowed to say they don’t like it. My 2 yr old took the photo. She totally has a future in photography. Photography without heads. Weekend/508 update. 1. You might be wondering…what the heck has she been doing? The answer? ADD. I have been working quite a bit, actually….just never on the same stuff. There are 4 peices that are halfway done right now and one that is complete but not Read More

the party of my life

This was us exactly 5 years ago…. This is us now… Times have been hard. I KID. It has been the most wonderful years EVER! Nathan is truly my VERY best friend in the universe. We have so much fun together. We were married 5 years ago on New Years Eve….the best party of my LIFE. It was amazing…..here’s to MANY more fabulous years with the love of my life!! May God bless you in this new year… CHEERS!!!! sarah

a treasury, you say?

Ok. This is just a quick one. Most of you know how an Etsy “treasury” works…but to some, it is a new creature. Thought I would share really quick. For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy – its a website for people to buy and sell hand/home made goods. You can find our 508 shop on Etsy! Nathan just created this “treasury” {above} on Etsy (u can view more if you click). Treasuries are simply collections of products. Our furniture Read More

my favorite boy is back

Just wanted to take a moment in my crazy life to share how thankful I am for my Lincoln James……..now that he is not sick…… YES. My love is totally conditional. He has had a double ear infection and TWO doctor visits and TWO drugs later….. I have my sweet boy back! And my life back! And my sleep back! Yay! I love him more than the universe. -s

scrapwood wall …paper

Happpened upon PIET HEIN EEK (via d*s) the other day…. He has created some beautiful SCRAPWOOD WALLPAPER…isn’t this stuff GREAT?! I wouldn’t mind having an accent wall out of this stuff to photograph our furniture pieces for 508. I have to admit…the “TORRENCE” in me first thought…”I can totally make a REAL scrapwood wall”… But after a hot second, I was like “OH WAIT…I have 36 thousand other projects on my plate already…so maybe wallpaper is nice” But its kinda Read More

this is naturally how we look when we roll out of bed.

My dear friends at Kellan did a FANTASTICALLY FUN shoot of Nathan and I a few weeks back…showcasing our furniture and some fun shots of just us. They just posted the entire shoot on HERE…so check it out!! And let me tell you. After an entire morning of snot, poop, puke, crying and time-outs (which don’t work btw)….it is REALLY REALLY REALLY nice to remember that if we shower and put clean clothes on, WE CAN BE PRESENTABLE PEOPLE/NORMAL TOO. Read More